We are bombarded by brands and products everyday. From supermarkets to social media, everywhere we look there are a plethora of things vying for our attention.

What is it that helps your product or service stand out from the crowd? How are you engaging your audience, captivating their attention and converting them into customers? 

The answer to these questions will be different for everyone. Our aim here is to simply get you thinking a little more about how to be active in gaining customers rather than passive and waiting for them to come to you.

So then, let’s take a moment to break it down:


How are customers finding your business? I’m not talking about the faithful few who have you ear-marked in their Rolodex. I’m talking about shiny, new customers.

There are so many ways to gain awareness for your business; local advertising, physical signage, online listings, websites and social media. These are just a few, and they all have their advantages; however, awareness only has you halfway there. 

Engaging with your audience is about meeting people at their point of need, and having precisely what they are looking for. 

This is why your online presence is so powerful.

With the right tools, you can continually customise and improve your online presence to engage more and more of your audience. You can see how your audience is finding you, uncover what it is they engage with and what they don’t. Then, tweak accordingly. 

I’m not saying that ‘print is dead’, or that ‘you should only advertise online’. There is merit to all avenues of advertising. The truth, however, is that the internet has made advertising an extremely competitive market and utilising the tools we now have readily available are essential to ensure we can continually improve our engagement.


Have you ever asked an impartial bystander what they think of your product, service or brand? (Of course, you might get more than you bargained for with their answer, but this at the same time could be very insightful!)

It is imperative to ensure that what we present to the world is clear, consistent, relevant and trustworthy.

Clear – It should be easy and straightforward to see who you are and what it is you’re selling.
Consistent – Everything from product quality, service professionalism, to the way your brand presents on all advertising mediums, consistency is paramount.
Relevant – You need to know your audience and carefully craft everything you do in a way that will be appealing to them.
Trustworthy – Customers need to trust what you say is accurate and that the value of what you’re offering measures up.

Here are some simple keys to help captivate the attention of your audience:

  • Make sure your logo and brand is simple, easy to read and is relevant to your market audience. 
  • Ensure that wherever you appear in advertising or promotion, there is a consistent, clear message.
  • Take the time to get a photographer to capture you and your business in the best light possible. We all know a picture says a thousand words, but stunning photos speak volumes.
  • Use customer testimonials to instil trust and confidence. 


From the time a customer has engaged with your brand and has been captivated by the quality of your presentation, what is left to do? Well… buy of course!

The key to converting a customer from a visitor into a sale is to provide the customer with as much information as they require and make it as simple as possible to help them over the line.

If you’re selling products online, help them quickly see shipping costs and make checking out a breeze. If you’re providing a service, give a clear FAQ and make enquiring easy. If you’re asking for donations for a cause or campaign, explicitly set out where their money will go and make donating a sinch. 

The more hoops your customers have to jump through, the more likely they are to run the opposite direction. The key in all of this: Simplicity. 

Food for thought.

Whether you’re selling online, providing a service or just wanting to gain awareness, there’s always room to grow. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their business, and provide a number of services to help them succeed. If you’d like to talk to us about any of this or need some assistance with your brand or advertising, feel free to get in touch
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