Getting reviews for your Google My Business page has never been easier. 

When your customers and clients have loved working with you, more often than not they are going to tell their family and friends. The only unfortunate part of this, however, is that their telling doesn’t reach very far. 

How can we go beyond the hand-full of people who would be in ear-shot of this ever-so-common word of mouth recommendation? How can we use these testimonials to target those who are actually seeking the products or services that you provide? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bottle up these recommendations, cast a wider net and share it with the world? 

With this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to capture these testimonials and referrals and turn them into Google My Business reviews. 

It’s always a great feeling when new customers choose your products or services because ‘a friend recommended’ you to them. Word of mouth referrals are wonderful – they’re like a little pat on the back each time – and help encourage you to keep on keeping on. But to run a business in this competitive landscape, we need a little more than a pat on the back. 

If we can capture these reviews and use them to add to our online presence, it is a sure way to grow our credibility online and instil a sense of trust in those that could potentially be our next customer.

So, enough small talk. How do we do this?

How to Get Reviews on Your Google My Business

The video below dives right into the nitty gritty and shows you how easy it is to get Google reviews from your customers and clients. As well as this, below the video is also a quick step-by-step that will walk you through this simple process, along with a handy little tool I’ve created that does half the work for you!

The Deets

Step 1: Find Your Place ID

Head over to the Google My Business support page:

From there, use the map to look up your business. Once you’ve found your business on the map, copy the Place ID.

Step 2: Create Your Link

Paste your Place ID at the end of this text input field below:

Then, simply copy the entire input text. This is your Google Reviews Link

Step 3: Send Your Link

Now that you have your link, all you need to do is simply share it with those people who you know will give you a great review. 

This is a sure way to get top-notch reviews from your customers and help spread the word about how amazing you are!

Getting Started with Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way to give a quick ‘snapshot’ into your business. To learn more and get started with Google My Business, you can visit this link below:

How Can I Make The Most of My Google Reviews?

A great way to make the most of your Google My Business reviews is to display them on your website. 

If you’re using WordPress, we recommend this free plugin:

There is a little bit involved in setting it up, but they do well at explaining it. 

For those that are wanting more flexibility, they also offer a paid version which has some really nice additional display features. If you’re getting a few reviews through, this definitely would be worth a look.

(This is not an affiliate link – I simply recommend things I believe in)

The Wrap Up

If there’s one central place to list customer reviews, why wouldn’t you choose the location that everyone goes to find what they are looking for. 

Google My Business is a wonderful tool that we can use to the benefit of our businesses, and adding some quality reviews to the mix – it’s a no brainer. 

We’d love to hear how these tips have worked for you, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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