Gutenberg is coming – is your website ready?

We’ve put together the below content to help educate WordPress users in what Gutenberg is, and how it will affect your website.

If you’ve had anything to do with WordPress in recent times, you may have seen or heard of the term ‘Gutenberg‘.

Gutenberg is a whole new way of editing your blogs and content on your WordPress website.

In the coming months, WordPress will be rolling out their latest instalment, version 5.0. Along with this new version, Gutenberg will be included and made the default content editor.

Although Gutenberg has been greeted with mixed emotions from the global WordPress community, the WordPress team have put months and months of energy into this project, ensuring it will stand the test of time.

The current ‘classic’ content editor has well and truely had it’s day and is due for an overhaul. Rather than simply ‘pimping’ this editor, however, the WordPress team have opted to start from scratch, building an entirely new editor.

So... what do we think of Gutenberg? 

Well… it’s fine. 

I wouldn’t call it revolutionary, but it certainly is a huge and much needed step up from the Classic editor. 

For us, a truer example of ‘revolutionary’ in the world of WordPress was when Elementor (a WordPress page editor plugin) came onto the scene. Elementor completely changed the way we not only edit sites, but how we build them too. This, however, would come as no surprise to those who work to us, as we use Elementor on all the sites that we build – and this isn’t going to change when Gutenberg comes into play. 

All that being said, Gutenberg does have some really nice features and we’ve taken the time to outline these in the video above.

Depending on how your site is configured and whether or not you use a page builder (like Elementor), Gutenberg has the potential to help make editing your pages and posts easier, cleaner and faster. 

How to take Gutenberg for a spin

Gutenberg is readily available now for you to install on your WordPress website. You can simply, like any other plugin, search, install and active from your WordPress dashboard. 

That being said, we’d advise against it

The main reason for this is, well, we’d hate to see you break your website!

While many WordPress plugins are already compatible with Gutenberg, there are still a number that aren’t and can cause conflicts with your live website and your Dashboard.

There are however a number of alternate solutions for you to get a feel for Gutenberg that don’t require installing on your live site.

Our advice to those feeling inquisitive:

  • Get a feel for Gutenberg on the official website. has a functional editor right at the top of the page. This is a great way to get a feel for how it works.
  • Test Gutenberg on a non-critical website. 
    If your site is for business and downtime means lost customers, then testing Gutenberg out of a staging/development/testing website is a much safer solution.
  • Talk to us about doing an analysis of your site to test for compatibility.
    With the inevitability of Gutenberg fast approaching, knowing before hand how your site will respond is the safest bet. If your site is compatibly, we can safely test for this and have you running with Gutenberg before it’s launch.

Get a Gutenberg Compatibility Analysis

If you’d like to know if your site is compatible with Gutenberg, feel free to contact us. We’d love to chat to you about ensuring your website is ready for this major update and performing at it’s best for you.

We Look after our Website Care Plan Customers

If you’re already one of our Website Care Plans customers (Pro, Pro Plus or Premium only), we’ll test and monitor your website’s compatibility as the launch of version 5.0 draws closer. 

If you’re not on one of our Website Care Plans, there is no better time to take the worry out of how your website is performing. 

Find out more about our Website Care Plans here.

The Roundup

Gutenberg is a necessary change for WordPress and we’re excited to watch and see how it adds to this ever-evolving system.

If you do have a WordPress website, Gutenberg isn’t something to be afraid of, but rather something simply to be prepared for. 

If you have any questions about Gutenberg or how we can help you and your business, feel free to drop us a line either in the comments of via our contact page.



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